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From Calculator To Collaboration To Client Portal To Modular Planning
As financial planning has evolved to be primarily about the delivery of advice itself – not just for the sake of a product sale – so too has the software evolved, from a calculator to illustrate the outcome of a product or strategy recommendation, to a collaborative tool that can be used to formulate the

Digital Transformation | Capgemini Consulting

Embracing Digital Technology

We believe that digital transformation is first and foremost a business transformation. People, not technology, are the most important piece in the digital transformation puzzle.

Digitization can extend the reach of organizations, improve management decisions, and speed the development of new products and services. At the same time, the excessively rapid adoption of technologies can disrupt traditional business models. Organizations need to carefully tread the

Robo Market in Play as More Launch


Advisors aren’t starving for choices among robos and digital tools, but the rollout frenzy continues.

Just on the heels of Schwab’s institutional robo offering, two more went live: Autopilot, a robo hybrid from CLS Investments and Riskalyze and Market Movement Strategies, a hybrid for advisors from Cincinnati, Ohio-based FTJ FundChoice that the firm says will offer a lower cash allocation requirement than Schwab’s.

Beyond that,