But the real news of the eMoney acquisition is that from the strategic perspective, it’s not clear if Fidelity was really aiming to acquire financial planning software, or if instead what they really wanted was eMoney’s best-in-breed Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool
In fact, what the eMoney acquisition may ultimately highlight is how woefully far behind other financial planning software tools have lagged in their own capabilities in producing a quality PFM tool for advisors to use with their clients – a PFM solutions gap between eMoney and other financial planning software that has sadly existed for years now. Perhaps with companies like Personal Capital (which built its own high-quality PFM solution) on the rise and now the eMoney acquisition, advisors will finally get the PFM solution we’ve wanted and needed for so long?


Fidelity Investments has agreed to acquire financial planning software company eMoney Advisor for an undisclosed sum. The eMoney software is still expected to be available to advisors outside Fidelity – and the company says external integrations and custodial relationships will remain – though it’s not hard to imagine that the tools will likely become available at a discounted rate to advisors who custody with Fidelity in the future.

…the eMoney Advisor acquisition reflects the reality that it’s not just about financial planning software as an engine to calculate a client’s financial projections. Financial planning software is increasingly shifting to become a real-time collaborative tool with clients, and that means advisor software providers need to step up in providing not only a robust calculation engine for advisors, but relevant tools and a genuinely good user experience for their clients as well.