The content sharing platform offers advisers insight into potential clients based on their online activity

I visited Vestorly and thereby the corner office occupied by Justin Wisz and Ralph Pahlmeyer recently.

They are the co-founders — chief executive and chief financial officer, respectively — of the six-person technology firm based for now on 26th Street in Manhattan.

Their space is unusual in that the two actually have a door — the rest of the space, with the exception of the opposite corner office, is occupied by two dozen or so other startups sitting at open tables.

The two are unusual in other ways. For one thing, unlike the direct-to-consumer or business-to-business startups occupying the rest of the floor, theirs is a service built with and leveraging technology to somewhat automate marketing and prospecting for advisers.

Should be compared to Vestorly hosts the blog for you and therefor you won’t get SEO benefits.