Brett King, CEO of Moven “…technology companies will become the world’s biggest banks in five years.”


Bharat Masrani, TD’s CEO, warned in May that banking “is changing in fundamental ways and at breakneck speed, as new technologies lower the barriers to entry and innovative competitors emerge.”

Once the strongest connection with customers, bank branches are under siege. A fresh wave of technological innovation is changing the game, creating new competitors and a wider array of options for customers.

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The UBS Future of Finance Challenge – UBS also supports a more open and collaborative financial services industry

Finance Challenge

SWISS banking giant UBS has launched a competition for game-changing entrepreneurs and technology start-ups around the world.

The UBS Future of Finance Challenge will be delivered in collaboration with several of the leading financial technology crowd-working and accelerator spaces including Level39 and JFDI.Asia, as well as the innovation agency 100%Open.

“By inviting entrepreneurs and startups to present their ideas, UBS also supports a more open

Cameron pushes massive FinTech job growth agenda


Innovate Finance has published its ‘UK 2020’ manifesto calling for a surge in FinTech jobs, garnering support from David Cameron on his Asian trade envoy.

Innovate Finance, an industry lobby group for the financial technology (FinTech) industry, said it wants the UK to create 100,000 new sector jobs by 2020, adding to the 135,000 it currently supports.

As part of his trade mission to South-East

Financial Advisory Firms Run Like A Robo-Advisor


The Robo-Advisor Value Proposition – Systematizing And Automation
Morningstar’s “gamma” research. Which means in the end, robo-advisors may be less of a threat to traditional advisors, than simply an acknowledgement that inefficient advisors that don’t systematize and utilize technology will be increasingly threatened by those who do – whether robot, or technology-augmented human.

Underlying the robo-advisor model, though, are insights that are relevant to any

Our investment in Blockchain

Potentially more significant than Bitcoin’s role as a form of money, we are also big believers in the power of the blockchain architecture for a broad range of applications that leverage the open, distributed public ledger.

Tim Berners-Lee’s seminal paper on the web in 1989 contained a bold vision for a radically, egalitarian and decentralised platform which has now become the world’s repository for information