Fidelity Investments Acquires eMoney PFM Dashboard, Financial Planning Software Thrown In?

But the real news of the eMoney acquisition is that from the strategic perspective, it’s not clear if Fidelity was really aiming to acquire financial planning software, or if instead what they really wanted was eMoney’s best-in-breed Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool
In fact, what the eMoney acquisition may ultimately highlight is how woefully far behind other financial planning software tools have lagged in their

Robo-Advisors: Bringing Mass Marketing to Financial Planning

Mass marketing is an effective, important part of an overall marketing plan, but there is an appropriate time and place for it.

Television commercials, radio ads, print ads—all of these approaches can be successful in conveying certain impressions of a company. Associating it in a consumer’s mind with something happy, trustworthy, and valuable and quickly conveying a broad overview of the products and services it

Keep Up With Technology — Without Going Bust

Rising coins on keyboard

Each day, technology continues its steady advance on a traditional advisor’s world. These advisors seem to be threatened on every side.

Don’t take my word for it. According to a recent study by Scottrade Advisor Services, 90% of respondents believe robo-advice will impact the wealth management industry, citing things like fewer prospective clients to compressed fees and new client interaction models. In addition, these same

Good PFM Apps Don’t Preach About Money – FinTech


For most folks, paying bills and managing a budget are daily concerns, too mundane for any deeper consideration.

But in an increasingly cashless consumer society, we might have reached a point where that’s going to change, says Moven President Alex Sion.

“What is this business of money? That is being changed dramatically as we speak.”

Moven finds itself sitting at an intersection of mobile payments,