Brett King, CEO of Moven “…technology companies will become the world’s biggest banks in five years.”


Bharat Masrani, TD’s CEO, warned in May that banking “is changing in fundamental ways and at breakneck speed, as new technologies lower the barriers to entry and innovative competitors emerge.”

Once the strongest connection with customers, bank branches are under siege. A fresh wave of technological innovation is changing the game, creating new competitors and a wider array of options for customers.

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MEET THE BIONIC ADVISOR… Embracing technology does not mean replacing human advisors.


Instead of viewing robo-advisor platforms as the competition, advisors should focus on the opportunities they present. First, adding the new technology to your service menu can help you more fully articulate your value proposition to clients and prospects. Second, these platforms can add efficiency to your practice, increasing your profitability and, possibly even more importantly, helping you economically serve clients who may have limited assets

Affluent Millennials are Reshaping the Future of the Finance Industry

Affluent Mellenials

How this New Power Persona is Reshaping the Finace Industry

Affluent Millennials — those with at least $100,000 in investable assets excluding real estate — have a uniquely progressive view of the future. They envision a cashless, sharing-based economy where banks no longer serve as their primary financial institutions.

Affluent Millennials have very strong expectations of a looming financial crisis. However, they also have very

Pershing 3rd Annual Advisory Success Study in the New Digital Age


New Era of Digital Enablement / Beyond Advice – Enablement

On average, young investors don’t have the assets that thier elders have acquired over their lifetimes. Yes advisors often require clients to have a
minimum of assets in order to service their accounts. However, with the assistance of digital advice, that asset minimum is declining as productivity
gains make it feasible to serivce smaller accounts.