MEET THE BIONIC ADVISOR… Embracing technology does not mean replacing human advisors.


Instead of viewing robo-advisor platforms as the competition, advisors should focus on the opportunities they present. First, adding the new technology to your service menu can help you more fully articulate your value proposition to clients and prospects. Second, these platforms can add efficiency to your practice, increasing your profitability and, possibly even more importantly, helping you economically serve clients who may have limited assets

Robo-Advisors: Bringing Mass Marketing to Financial Planning

Mass marketing is an effective, important part of an overall marketing plan, but there is an appropriate time and place for it.

Television commercials, radio ads, print ads—all of these approaches can be successful in conveying certain impressions of a company. Associating it in a consumer’s mind with something happy, trustworthy, and valuable and quickly conveying a broad overview of the products and services it

Robo-advice not holistic


Robo-advice should be a holistic investment tool that educates investors

Many current robo-advice models fail to consider the investments investor already have, both outside and within superannuation, which could lead to poor outcomes for investors, InvestSmart said.

The online financial services portal argued robo-advice as it stands directs investors to risk-profile ‘matched’ portfolios, without a holistic approach.

Chief executive, Ron Hodge, said many online investment

Robo Market in Play as More Launch


Advisors aren’t starving for choices among robos and digital tools, but the rollout frenzy continues.

Just on the heels of Schwab’s institutional robo offering, two more went live: Autopilot, a robo hybrid from CLS Investments and Riskalyze and Market Movement Strategies, a hybrid for advisors from Cincinnati, Ohio-based FTJ FundChoice that the firm says will offer a lower cash allocation requirement than Schwab’s.

Beyond that,