MBA Students & VC’s – Sights On Fast-Growing Fintech Industry

Banking on the intersection of finance and technology

London successes include Transferwise, founded by an INSEAD MBA and valued at $1 billion; WorldRemit, incubated at London Business School and valued at $500 million; and Nutmeg, founded by Stanford GSB graduate Nick Hungerford, which in June raised $32 million in venture capital.

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Kabbage raising $150M – FinTech Alternative Lender

Kabbage is is among a growing coterie of technology-powered alternative lenders fueling the wave of entrepreneurship.
Kabbage uses automation and analytics to provide short-term working capital to small and mid-sized businesses, who are often turned away by financial institutions who are either risk-averse or unable to profitably write five-figure loans.
“There is a dearth of technology in small business ,” Kabbage co-founder Kathryn Petralia